Strategic Planning Advisors LLC




The SPA strategy process is designed around a high level of senior management involvement and joint information collection and evaluation. The process is most effective if done in four phases.

Phase I: The management team joins SPA personnel in an interactive discussion and determination of basic guidelines and terminology for strategy formulation. This provides a common baseline and vocabulary for all participants and avoids confusion. In addition, the basic philosophical principles of strategy formulation are shared and become a common framework for future effort.

Phase II: An in-depth Industry Evaluation is performed by the Management Team and facilitated by SPA. The evaluation is based on a series of questions proposed by SPA and researched by the management team prior to the evaluation of the information in a joint session of management and SPA.  The major deliverables of this phase are an in depth understanding by all members of management of the current state of the industry, a validated data set on which to base future strategic decisions and an agreed set of economic and social "Megatrends" that will impact the industry going forward.

Phase III:  An in-depth Company Analysis to determine a range of characteristics of the company in its current state.  These activities would include a non-traditional SWOT Analysis, Core and Distinctive Competency Analysis, and Prioritization of the Opportunities supported by industry and company data to form a basis for a new company Strategic Plan.

Phase IV:  The construction of a detailed implementation plan supported by metrics, timelines and responsible party designations to ensure the incorporation of the Strategic Plan into the Annual Operating Plan of the business.

A truly successful Strategic Planning Process must produce a supportable strategic plan that is the basis for both the Annual Operating Plan and the Annual Strategy Review.  The building of the culture that utilizes strategic planning as a major vehicle for future company success is the most important deliverable of the entire process.